Scientists can dance if they want to

For the past four years, Science magazine has sponsored a “Dance Your Ph. D.” contest every fall wherein Ph. D. candidates across the globe attempt to explain their doctoral thesis topics through interpretive dance. Entries are judged on two fairly straightforward criteria: whether they “not only capture the essence of the science but also are actually a cool work of art.” I don’t know that a slightly awkward, but hilarious youtube video constitutes a “work of art,” but I’ll suspend disbelief because words cannot express the degree to which this contest entertains me. The entries are always a mixed bag – they range from painfully awkward to “well as least you tried” to “I’m not really sure how that relates to a biochemical pathway, but ok” to “one jazz hand shy of a science geek version of Glee.” To reinforce my point cue last year’s finalists.

Let’s hope this year’s entries live up to that awesomeness. Gonzo Labs will accept entries through Novemeber 1st. The winners get $500 bucks plus a paid trip to a TED conference in Brussels…which totally makes the public humiliation worth it.


2 thoughts on “Scientists can dance if they want to

  1. Hahaha some of those videos are pretty awesome. It would be super difficult to figure out how to make an interpretive dance out of many the research projects out there. But I guess figuring out an interpretive dance is a welcome break from all day of research!

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