Oh the things a curious Dane can do with a used CT scanner…

Recently, there’s been a lot of ho-ing and hum-ing about recreating stradevarious violins and discovering the medical secrets of mummies from of all things CT scans. But, WaPo finally gives us a look at one of the guys behind the curtain: the Smithsonian’s Bruno Frolich.

“Oh, the things Bruno Frohlich can scan. Ancient whale skulls. Smashed human ones. Stradivarius violins. Violas. Cellos. Guitars. Stringed instruments from Mongolia. Apollo spacesuits. Eagle feathers. Mummified birds from Egypt oddly missing their heads. Dinosaur leg bones, fossilized. Thigh bones, hip bones, arms bones, teeth. An infant’s iron casket dug up in the District. Live turtles. Dead crocodiles. Mummy after mummy from Egypt. And one from Peru. The Smithsonian Institution owns 137 million things. Over the past 15 years, Frohlich, it seems, has scanned them all. Okay, not quite. But if he had enough time, he would. ‘This is my hobby,’ Frohlich says of his job.”

What a cool dude. Click to read the excellent article by Brian Vastag.


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