The Salt’s Top Posts Of 2012

Credit: Stephan Kuhn/Creative Commons
Credit: Stephan Kuhn/Creative Commons

One of my stories made the 2012 top ten list for NPR’s fabulous food blog, The Salt.

The piece actually ran last Friday, so it’s fairly recent. It’s about the debate over how humans evolved lactose tolerance — quite the mystery in the scientific community. Basically, 10,000 years ago most babies could drink milk because they had the gene for lactase, but the gene turned off in adults. Milk and dairying came with ancient agriculture, and several mutations for lactose tolerance became more frequent — people were passing them down to children. But if milk gave them diarrhea, then what made them drink it, and what gave milk drinkers a survival advantage? Turns out the answer is a bit of a can of worms. For more on that, here’s the original story. It ranked #3 on the list, so not too shabby.

And now…*celebratory dancing*!


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