cartwheelI’m a science journalist based in Washington, DC. I studied biology and English literature at a tiny liberal arts college in Texas called Trinity University, and I’m a graduate of Johns Hopkins University’s Writing Seminars masters program in science writing.

My scientific interests span a pretty wide range: plants (carnivorous and otherwise), pandas, dinosaurs, mummies, archaeology (land and sea), tropical diseases, brain science, all five oceans, sea turtles, vertebrate evolution and food.

These days I work as a web producer for Science News magazine where I write, put things on the Internet, make videos, and manage social media. Over the course of my short career, I’ve also had the pleasure of writing for Smithsonian, Nature, (The Salt and Shots). Once upon a time, I also blogged for The Sieve and The Daily Beast.

Though my training is primarily in writing, I often dabble in multimedia and web interactives. Video is also a passion project of mine, as I currently produce and manage the Science News YouTube channel.

Email: hmthompson22 AT gmail DOT com

Twitter: @wwrfd